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1 on 1 - Darkness x Asakura

This section is for one on one role plays only for the Traditional Fantasy genre.
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1 on 1 - Darkness x Asakura

Postby Darkness » Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:28 pm

This is a 1 on 1 with Asakura. It is a continuation of the now inactive RP The Guardian Dragons.

Name: Tatianna de la Rose (nickname Anna)
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, pale complexion. Typically covered up in a hooded white cloak. On her belt, there is a variety of pouches holding various medicinal herbs. (See photo below).

Skills: Healer (salves, poultices, bandages, etc). Healing magic (eventually gained through bonding with her Shinkuhou, though her skill is heavily dependent on her physical stamina, will power, and concentration).

Bio: Tatianna was the only child to Fernandez and Bonita de la Rose. Her parents moved across seas when she was just a child, Tatianna growing up in the Iznian Empire for most of her life. She showed great promise in the arts and scripture, but those dreams would never be fulfilled as her parents were brutally murdered, one of many victims due to Dunerian's growing influence. Tatianna was rescued by a convoy of travelling merchants who stumbled upon her broken and battered village, the merchants teaching her everything they knew and raising her as one of their own. Throughout her travels, she learned many things, becoming an adept healer.

Other: Tatianna is quiet by nature, reserved, yet very loyal and caring once you get to know her. She usually only speaks when spoken to, though on occasion, she's been known to speak up when something peeks her interest. When she is not needed for healing or otherwise, she is often found outside, staring up at the sky or at the beautiful waters of the kingdom, lost in her own world of thought.

Tatianna does carry a staff/walking stick with her. While she can successfully fend off a wolf or two, even a thug if she's lucky, she's hardly skilled in the arts of combat.

Update: Tatianna and her new found dragon friend Shinkuhou have been separated from the rest of their companions after another vicious attack by Dunerian's minions. Now they struggle to survive, alone, as they try to figure out what to do next.
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Postby Asakura » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:54 pm

((Thanks 100x over again for this!))
Here's a more detailed version of Shinkuhou's profile:

Name: ShinkuhÅ

The dragon teaches you that if you want to climb high, you have to do it against the wind

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