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Come to the MODs First

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Come to the MODs First

Postby Aya » Fri Dec 15, 2006 4:35 am

I just wanted to inform those of you who do not know yet that if you ever run into a problem, have an issue or find an inapropriate thread or anything else along those lines, please PM the mod if it's in a specific section or a Global mod if it's really important. The admins have enough to deal with and the reason us mods are here is to handle these little issues. If it turns out that we cannot manage the issue, then WE will go to the admins ourselves.

The MODs should be your first step. We will take it from there. If you need a specific mod and they aren't online, then PM a Global MOD. One of us is always online. Please PM us first and do not bother the admins.

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