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I am the evil butcherer!

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I am the evil butcherer!

Postby Valkarie of the Lance » Thu Feb 15, 2007 11:30 pm

Well, this is a language thingy I created for the sole purpose of roleplaying… Here are my rules and things, I'm sorry if it's really confusing. (No, it's NOT done. Note the hideous, gaping holes. You can ask me if you feel like it.)

Letter Sound Letter Sound
á long a d d
é long e f f
í long i g g
ó long o h h
ú oo j j
ä ang k k
ë eng l l
ï ing m m
ö ong n n
ü ung p p
â aw q q
ê ew (yoo) r r
ô ow s s
å ai in air t t
k ch v v
s sh w w
z z
z zh
b b
• Note: All sounds in this tongue have a softer, shorter sound than English or Spanish. J is similar to z, but has a jutting sound.
• If two letters that are the same are next to each other, put a dash in between them. (fédil-lú)

Indefinite Articles- leave the noun plain. (ahrif, fédil)
Plural Indefinite Articles- add lú to the end (ahrifú, fédil-)

Definite Articles- add v(ï) to the front (vahrif, fédil)
Plural Definite Articles- add v(ï) and lú to the appropriate places (vahrif, fédil-)
• If a noun is owned, it also has this prefix.

• Two adjectives can describe a noun, connected by ü. The adjectives are second. (vahrif nezê ü élöê)

• Adjectives describing nouns end in ê.
• Two adjectives can describe a noun, connected by ü. The adjectives are second. (vahrif nezê ü élöê)
• An adjective can be describing a verb as an adverb or predicate, two for one verb. This adjective ends with (ä)l. (nan isúnäl)
• If one of these vdj should need to be described, a ê adj is used. (isúnäl danê)

Pronouns (pro)
• I- ó, my/mine- óê, we- ólú, ours- ólúê, he- qá, his- qáê, she- ís, hers- ísê, you- él, yours- élê, you all- él-lú, owned by you all- él-lúê, they- qálú, theirs- qálúê
• These possessive pronouns (mine, his) go after the noun like normal adjectives. (vahrif óê)

• If the verb is in the present tense, leave the verb plain. (nan) If it was past, add er’. (er’nan) If it is in the future, add oj’. (oj’nan)
• If the verb is in the present tense and acted apon by more than one thing, add lú. (nanlú) If it was plural past, add er’. (er’nanlú) If it is future plural, add oj’. (oj’nanlú)

Predicates/ Verbed Adjectives (vadj)
• An adjective can be describing a verb as an adverb or predicate, two for one verb. This adjective ends with (ä)l. (nan isúnäl)
• If one of these vdj should need to be described, a ê adj is used. (isúnäl danê)


Conjunctions (c)
And- ü; but- sï; or- dâl
• Conjunctions are placed in sentences exactly like those in English. (Vahrif óê élöê, sïí vahrif élê jéhaê.)

Jå- of, from; ik- to, at
• These words are placed in sentences exactly like those in English. (Ó jå Brúklín.)

Question words do not exist. Don’t ask “what’s your name?”— ask “your name?” (Élê vófarud?)


a•é n cry
a•é v to cry
a•é•ê adj sad
a•él vdj sad
a•hrif n cat
a•rú•ba n tree
a•rú•ba v to reach for
a•rú•ba•ê adj tall
a•rú•bal vdj high
á•vï n avoidance, shyness
á•vï v to avoid
á•vï•ê adj shy
á•vï•l vdj off target
ad•år n spots
ad•år v to dripple
ad•år•ä•l vdj dappled
ad•år•ê adj dappled
ak n one
ak•ä•l vdj one
ak•ê adj one
an n reason
an v to reason
ble•tï n secret
ble•tï v to hide
ble•tï•ê adj hidden, secret
ble•tï•l vdj hidden, secret
bo•ló n song
bo•ló v to sing
bo•ló•ê adj musical
bo•lól vdj musical
dâl wor or
dan n nothing, no
dan•ä•l vdj never
dán•ó n name
dán•ó v to name
dán•ó•ê adj named
dán•ól vdj named
é•lö n blue
é•lö•ê adj blue
é•tó n freedom
é•tó v to free
é•tó•ê adj free
é•tól vdj free
é•vï n gesture
é•vï v to gesture, point
ek•ó n gate, passage
ek•ó v to pass by
ek•ó•ê adj passed by
ek•ól vdj passed by
él n you
él•ê adj yours
él-•lú n you all
él-•lú•ê adj owned by you all
er n memory, past
er v to remember
er•ä•l vdj backwards
er•ê adj before
fak n evening
fak v to be awake
fak•ê adj awake
fé•dil n dagger, knife
fé•dil v to stab
fé•dil•ê adj protruding
fí•l n leaving
fí•l v to leave
fó n return
fó v to return
fó•ê adj returned
fól vdj returned
friv•í n speech
friv•í v to say, talk
z n wealth, money
z v to sell
z•ê adj wealthy, rich
hí n something, yes
hí•ê vdj always
hran n walk
hran v to walk
i•sún n grace
i•sún v to bless
i•sún•ä•l vdj gracefully
i•sún•ê adj graceful
ik wor to, at
ís n she, female
ís•ê adj hers, female
jå wor of, from
jå•kát n lie
jå•kát v to lie
jå•kát•ä•l vdj not true
jå•kát•ê adj not true
jé•ha n green
jé•ha•ê adj green
jus n wind, breath
jus v to breathe
jus•ä•l vdj windy
jus•ê adj windy
jut n rareness
jut•ä•l vdj rare
jut•ê adj rare
ka•ka n water
ka•ka v to swim
ka•ka•ê adj wet
ka•kal vdj wet
kal n scale
kal•ê adj scaled
kla•úd n species
kó•ré-ké•ró p "what's wrong?"
kól n underground
kól v to go under
kól•ä•l vdj under
kól•ê adj under
kra•ken v to lose
kra•ken•ä•l vdj lost
kra•ken•ê adj lost
lá•ja n journey
lá•ja v to journey
lá•ja•ê adj far
lá•jal vdj far
la•kår n existance
la•kår v to exist
la•kår•ä•l vdj touchable
la•kâr•ê adj touchable
lú n addition
lú v to add
lú•ê adj many
lúl vdj many
ma•tra n treasure, prize
ma•tra v to win
ma•tra•ê adj won
ma•tral vdj won
mín n beast
mín•ä•l vdj beastly
mín•ê adj beastly
mó•ê•kó n boredom
mó•ê•kó v to bore
mó•ê•kó•ê adj bored
nan n jump
nan v to jump
nez n black
nez•ê adj black
núr n wings, flight
núr v to fly
núr•ä•l vdj alight
núr•ê adj alight
ó n I, me
ó•ê adj mine
ó•fa•rud n age
ó•fa•rud v to grow
ó•fa•rud•ä•l vdj old
ó•fa•rud•ê adj old
ó•lú n we
ó•lú•ê adj ours
oj n future, preparations
oj v to prepare for
oj•ä•l vdj forwards
oj•ê adj later
ór•ban n moon
ór•ka n light
ór•ka v to light (fire)
ór•ka•ê adj illuminated
ór•kal vdj illuminated
pa•ja n lesson
pa•ja v to learn
pa•ja•ê adj learned
pa•jal vdj learned
pre•rår n situation
pre•rår v to realize
pre•rår•ä•l vdj currently, now
pre•rår•ê adj currently, now
qá n he, male
qá•ê adj his, male
qá•lú n they
qá•lú•ê adj theirs
qér n top
qér v to climb
qér•ä•l vdj on top of
qér•ê adj on top of
sa n greatness
sa•ê adj great
sal vdj great
sï•í wor but
tá•tó n pit, mine
tá•tó v to dig
tá•tó•ê adj dug up
tá•tól vdj dug up
tas n night
tas v to sleep
tas•ê adj asleep
tél n better
tél v to best
tél•ä•l vdj better
tél•ê adj better
ü wor and, also
ven•ta n hurry
ven•ta v to hurry
ven•ta•ê adj hurried
ven•tal vdj hurried
vï v to specify
vï•ê adj specific
vï•l vdj specific
zé•ít n question
zé•ít v to ask
zé•kan•tí n hate
zé•kan•tí v to hate
zé•kan•tí•ê adj hated
zé•kan•tíl vdj hated

Thanks to Asrai for the pwnful avatar and sig.


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