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Lost Labyrinth

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Lost Labyrinth

Postby wizkoder » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:53 pm

Hy everybody,

I am the author of the coffeebreak dungeon crawling game "Lost Labyrinth".
The homepage is here: http://www.lostlabyrinth.com

The next version of the game will feature books and we are looking for interested people that like helping us with writing some nice stories for the game.

One of the next versions will finally feature a story mode as well. So idead for quests are welcome as well.

It would help if you played the game a while to know what the game is about.
We do not yet have a real story for the game but it is a fully fledged game already and is a lot of fun to play.
You can win the game by collecting all 9 pieces of the staff of the last covenant or by reaching level 150.

I already started to write something.
Thats what I have:

Code: Select all

Story of the Labyrinth
The labyrinth was created a long long time ago by the evil necromancer mythrax. The location of his dungeon got lost in time... Generations passed until recently the son of the king of ulther recovered it from an ancient document he found on one of his trips to the old continent.
As the knowledge of the discovery spread in the new kingdoms more and more brave adventurers made the journey to this unholy place. For the pure hope of making a furtune with the unbelievable treasures the people said resided in the depth of this dungeon. None of them ever to be seen again...
Story of the Staff
The staff of the last convenant, a gift from the gods to the mortal men, though stolen by the evil necromancer mythrax for his own bidding. After being defeated by brave heroes the staff got broken down in 9 parts and spread all around the old continent. However over the last millenia the minions of mythrax achieved to recollect them all and returned them to the labyrinth of their dead master. The power of the staff changed some of them into mighty creatures and demons.
t is said it contains enough power that it changed the space and time reality of the labyrinth, creating the monsters, treasures and all of the creatures found inside of it. Though merely a myth, it is also said that the staff contains a vast amount of power if bound together again, capable of realizing one's wishes...however, no one ever returned from the deadly trap that has become the labyrinth...

Hopefully some people here like it and like to help us.


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