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<img src="/forum/images/index/introduce_yourself.jpg" height=40 width=40 align=left hspace=12 border=0>A forum where you can introduce yourself to other forum members, perhaps by telling them your likes/dislikes, your RPG background, your job, music you like or whatever takes your fancy.

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Meet The Team!

Postby belle8448 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:01 am


Here on RPGFO we have a staff of moderators, globals, and admins. Regular Moderators are those who show up with green names. Global Moderators are those with red names. Administrators are those with orange names. Should a problem or question arise we ask you to contact the moderator of the section first then move up to a global if they can't help you. Please try not to contact an Admin. In most cases a Moderator or Global can answer/meet your needs. If you really need to, contact Aya. She is a semi admin and is easier to contact than an actual Admin. Below you will see a list of staff and their positions, just so you can recognize them around the site and give them a hello!

:blackbullet: :blackbullet: Aya :blackbullet: Duisternis :blackbullet: Gideon :blackbullet:
:blackbullet: Crosshade :blackbullet: Darkblade :blackbullet: Merxiel Othir :blackbullet:
:blackbullet: RossiUno :blackbullet: Train_of_Thought :blackbullet: Sammy :blackbullet: Shewolf13 :blackbullet:


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Postby Shewolf13 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:06 am

Real Name: Jess or Jessi
RPGFO Nickname: Wolf or SW
Age: 24
How I found RPGFO: Googled RP sites and RPGFO was the first hit. Fell in love with the place ^^

Favourite RP Genre: Traditional fantasy with more mature bents, tend to prefer 1x1's to full group RP's mainly because I enjoy world building, but I do love a sand-boxy type group RP ^^
Favourite Film: Hrm... I can't pick! XD Though I do love the Ninja Turtle movies... something nostalgic about them...
Favourite Book: Again... why must you ask such hard questions! lol Definitely can't pick just one, so I'll say that I enjoy fantasy of any kind, romance novels (they are a weakness... so shoot me XD), mysteries, and anything with suspense or action
Favourite Genre of Music: I enjoy country and rock the most
Hobbies/Interests: Writing/RPing of course, some drawing, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, snowboarding, skiing...
Interesting Fact: I was a certified EMT at age 16

Favourite RPGFO haunts: I hang out in the Mature Section most often, though I'm no stranger to the ShoutBox or other sections
Current RP(s): Syrriannothyr
Sanmill Ridge
Pokemon Project

I also have a ton of 1x1's as well XD
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Postby Aya » Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:08 am

Real Name: Rachael
RPGFO Nickname: Don't have one, my name is short enough :)
Age: 30
How I found RPGFO: I got an email from the creator. Not sure how as I didn't know him. Probably done in some spammy manner that my junk filter hadn't caught.

Favourite RP Genre: Sci-Fi, there's just so much freedom in this genre
Favourite Film: I have a lot, and oddly, Hunt for Red October is one. Then there's Narnia and LotR.
Favourite Book: I don't have a fave book, but I do have a fave author. Sherrylin Kenyon
Favourite Genre of Music: I'm not sure I have a genre so much as specific artists in various genres. I'll make a list as soon as I can figure them all out.
Hobbies/Interests: Gaming and writing.
Interesting Fact:

Favourite RPGFO haunts: I don't actually have a fave.
Current RP(s): The Zombie Weapon
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Postby Train_of_Thought » Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:17 am

Ok here goes- parts may get changed

Real Name: Jay (or if I'm in trouble it's Ruth)
RPGFO Nickname: Train, ToT, TT, Trainykins, Chu, ChuChu (Sammy these last three are your fault!)
Age: 24
How I found RPGFO: originally it was boredom at school after that it was boredom of Dantes Hound that got me back here ;)

Favourite RP Genre: Realistic Era with those futuristic twists, I'm really into stuff like this at the moment. Like an underground futuristic breakout is happening right now in our world as we know it but we're all unawares and if we found out... we'd freak out.
Favourite Film: Almost anything wih Liam Neeson or Jack Nicholson in. But I do love the Alien films and the Godfather films. Oh and the film Numb, it's like my life story almost.
Favourite Book: Angels & Demons, now there is a puzzler if you ever saw it. All the Illuminati stuff dragged me into this along with the whole series that Dan Brown made. It's believable because it's so well written.
Favourite Genre of Music: I will listen to near anything, the 30 days worth of music currently on my hard drive is testament to that. My favourite band in the whole world is Dream Theater- everyone in that band is a god of their instrument. Another band I'm currently into is Mutiny Within, the guy's vocals are insane. But if I'm in a chill out mood it's Pretty Lights an a bunch of acoustic mixes too.
• Snowboarding, I love snowboarding so much, my aim is to master big air
• NHL & NFL, I'm probably he only Detroit fan in Britain but I don't care!
• Actually I'm just a massive sports fanatic- you can ask me about nearly any sport and I'll have some kind of info in the recess of my mind
• America- got a fascination with it, watch this space for American Citizenship.
• Drawing- I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a pen
• Music- as I said I listen to all kinds of music and it helps me with my last hobby of
• Finding reality, I'm always feeling like I'm dreamin so it's now a hobby to find ways to snap myself back to normality.
Interesting Facts:
• has a HND in Graphic Design
• been playing guitar and bass for over 14 years
• is a snowboard instructor

Favourite RPGFO haunts: I'm a serial lurker of everywhere
Current RP(s): Blue Planet, Sigma City, Stardust and Beaches (1x1)

Why Do I Moderate all these sections?: BECAUSE I AM A MACHINE. Hah, no, I do it because I love it. If you needed someone to ask about any sport/tune/film/RPGFO related trivia- I'm the one to come forward to. Why? Because I know a lot about all of them! And if I don't, I make sure I read up so I can be in the know about it.
I'm also always found lurking around these areas so, it makes it worth while to be able to lend a hand.
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Postby Darkblade » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:12 pm

Real Name: John
RPGFO Nickname: Dark, Blade, DB
Age: 26
How I found RPGFO: I think I googled it, forget exactly how I ended up here.

Favourite RP Genre: They are all my babies!
Favourite Film: Don't have a favorite, well that was a waste of an hour.
Favourite Book: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Silmarilion, Belgariad, Malloreon, The Elenium, The Tamuli so basically anything by Eddings or Tolkien >.>
Favourite Genre of Music: Don't have one, I dislike dubstep though and a few other genre similar to it.
Hobbies/Interests: Wargaming, Model building/painting, Gaming, Rping obviously, Doodling, singing, discussing anything and everything one can think of.

Interesting Fact: The most interesting thing about me is there are no interesting things about me.

Favourite RPGFO haunts: I haunt it all
Current RP(s): Zombie Weapon, Young Justice, Persona: Serial Chronicles, Naruto: Tamashi Kiroku
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Postby Antaric » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:52 pm

Real Name: Robert
RPGFO Nickname: Ant, Anty, or Antypops by a certain Sammy.
Age: 26
How I found RPGFO: Google.

Favourite RP Genre: Traditional Fantasy/Mature
Favourite Film: Hmm. The Crow or Return to Snowy River.
Favourite Book: Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks
Favourite Genre of Music: I'll listen to about anything, but Rock and Country are my go tos.
Hobbies/Interests: Gym addict, gamer, writer, fishing, and swimming are the things I find myself doing more than anything else.
Interesting Fact:
I know several survival techniques for different situations, particularly when you have very minimal gear.

I also learned how to cook when I was a teen and still love to do so to this day. I'm often found watching the Food Network at the start of my day while I'm eating breakfast.

I've traced my family lineage back to William the Conquerer.

Favourite RPGFO haunts: Forum Index or Shoutbox
Current RP(s): Syrriannothyr, Zombie Weapon, Sanmill Ridge, Blue Planet Bar, Astoria

I also have a couple 1x1's running at the moment.
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Many thanks to Merxiel for the set.
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Postby Sammy » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:01 pm

Real Name: Sam
RPGFO Nickname: Samster, Sammykins, Sampson etc.
Age: 23
How I found RPGFO: Credit goes to google! Then I slowly but surely fell in love with the place after getting over the initial "Eeep, this is intimidating!"

Favourite RP Genre: All of them! Honestly, don't have a favourite although I think I'm probably spending the most time in Sci Fi at the moment although I find all the terminology and technology a little bit daunting.
Favourite Film: Oh gosh, considering these are my questions I'm not doing a great job of knowing how to answer them! Again, there are loads, I love animation, though so anything Pixar or Disney are right up there. More seriously, I love Fight Club, Atonement, the Dark Knight Trilogy, LoTR (the extended editions, obviously) to name just a few!
Favourite Book: Twilight, of course ;)! Another impossible question! I love Austen, Oscar Wilde, Dickens, the Brontes, etc. In more contemporary terms my favourite books are probably Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell), Brave New World (Aldous Huxley), Slaughterhouse 5 (Kurt Vonnegut) and The Passage (Justin Cronin).
Favourite Genre of Music: I really don't have one. I listen to such a huge variety of music. I am very much in love with this man though. He's my future husband, he just isn't aware of it, yet.
:purplebullet: Writing, funny that! RP'ing as well, I love bouncing ideas and concepts off other people and not necessarily being entirely in control of the direction of a plot and character development. It's exciting!
:purplebullet: Foruming. I'm a complete forum addict!
:purplebullet: Reading.
:purplebullet: Gaming. Bit of a typical nerd really. Mostly MMOs, I like the social aspect! I'm an ex-WoW addict and a GW2 addict in the making! I'm also on Steam so give me a nudge if you fancy playing something!
:purplebullet: Running. I love it, it clears my head and it's good for me! I do some of my best thinking when I'm running. Also when I'm in the shower or on the toilet.
:purplebullet: Helping people. I'm part of an enormous student-led organisation that sets up social enterprises. I actually lead my Uni's team. It's amazing to be able to do something to make a real difference to people's lives.
:purplebullet: Being Social. Everything that entails whether it's online or in real life. If I'm left to my own devices without social discourse for too long I get ever so grumpy! So I love Skypeing, messaging, chatting, going out, clubbing, drinking, enjoying myself. :)
Interesting Fact:
:purplebullet: I'm just about to go into my final year of a history degree!
:purplebullet: I'm allergic to lots of stuff and have to carry an epi-pen everywhere in case I go into anaphylactic shock (well, I'm supposed to)! Allergies include: dust, pollen and most raw fruit and vegetables.
:purplebullet: I only just worked out how to use bullet points on this thing.
:purplebullet: I have a dog, a cat, three guinea pigs, two hamsters and a lizard!

Favourite RPGFO haunts: Off-Topic, the SB and my various ongoing RPs! The picture thread is possibly my favourite, I love getting to see what everyone looks like!
Current RP(s):
:purplebullet: The Blue Planet - which is, incidentally, always open! Come visit!
:purplebullet: Stardust and Beaches - a spin off from the Blue Planet.
:purplebullet:20XX: World Break
:purplebullet: ...And Boom Goes the Dynamite - An entry for theEnd of the World contest
:purplebullet: Ancient Secrets, Hidden Mysteries

I'm always on the look out for good RPs and 1x1s so feel free to PM me with any ideas! :)

Fancy a drink? Drop by The Blue Planet - we're always open!
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Postby Crosshade » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:52 pm

Real Name: Joseph, Joe, Osip, Broseph. (Any and all are applicable. ;) )
RPGFO Nickname: Cross
Age: 20, almost 21.
How I found RPGFO: I was referred by a guy named Ovalous, from a social game, Habbo when I was 13, I guess. About that age. He wanted to do a Halo RP, and the writer in me really thought it was a good idea.

Favourite RP Genre: Mature, Traditional, Realistic. I tend to stick to Mature as of late though.
Favourite Film: Either I <3 Huckabees (which I've only seen half of) or Man on Fire. There is something about revenge that I find completely and totally enthralling.
Favourite Book: Toss up between Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, or Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart, or The Lazarus Project by Aleksandr Hemon.
Favourite Genre of Music: I'm a huge electro-pop guy, shoegaze, math rock. I'm also a huge hip-hop fiend, Aesop Rock, Mos Def/Yasiin Bey. Been on a Childish Gambino kick lately, but I'm in college so it's allowed. ;)
Hobbies/Interests: I read a lot, modern stuff is definitely great, but those old armchair classics are the best. Russian literature is my forte, followed closely by Eastern European stuff, particularly the Balkans. I also attempt to write poetry a lot, but lean towards prose with an attempt to dip into literature when I can. I'm constantly listening to music. I write for a small international newspaper on my college campus. I'm a big gamer, love stuff like Grand Theft Auto, particularly Rockstar's latest projects. Their story merits are the stuff of legend in my book. I've had the rebirth of my childhood as an adult, and watch way too many cartoons now. I'm a linguaphile, and I've constantly got my nose in a book on language.
Interesting Fact: I speak a reasonably extensive amount of Russian, and significantly less Arabic, but it's more than the average American. I'm trying to pick up some Turkish, and want to learn Serbian in the future.

Favourite RPGFO haunts: I typically dabble in the Mature section, not a big one on one-er, though. Lately, I've been in traditional a lot as well.
Current RP(s): Sanmill Ridge.
Why do you moderate the Books Section: Well, I now moderate Traditional, Realistic and Books, but I chose to only include books, because it was my first section, and the one that I definitely feel most connected with. I read all the time, constantly looking for something new and intriguing. I aspire to write more than anything, and reading sets the best foundation of all.
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Postby Duisternis » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:43 pm

Real Name: Shelby
RPGFO Nickname: Duis, Duisy
Age: 20
How I Found RPGFO: Referred by Sunal Wolfsbane

Favourite RP Genre: Realistic (Historical Fiction)
Favourite Films: The Road to El Dorado, P.S I Love You & Freddy vs. Jason
Favourite Books: Pendragon Adventure Series by DJ MacHale & The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
Favourite Genre of Music: Country & Christmas (when in season!)
:yellowbullet: Downhill skiing.
:yellowbullet: Polo - Yes, the kind with horses!
:yellowbullet: Shooting rifles competitively.
:yellowbullet: Gaming.
:yellowbullet: Horseback riding.
:yellowbullet: American history. I'm studying it in college.
:yellowbullet: Ireland. I've been twice! I'd like to live there once.
Interesting Facts:
:yellowbullet: I've investigated with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (as seen on the television show Ghost Hunters).
:yellowbullet: I'm a college student, duel majoring in secondary education and political science, with a minor in history.
:yellowbullet: I own two llamas!

Favourite RPGFO Haunts: Contest Central, Shoutbox, Off-Topic
Current RP(s): Young Justice Redux, Purgatory, Sanmill Ridge, Flight 912, Dead Days, Too Much Pride
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Postby true55 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:22 pm

Real name: Emsito
RpgFO nickname: Strider or true55
age : 22
How I Found RPGFO: from uncle google
Favourite Films: Hobbit 1,2,3 and lord of the rings 1,2,3 ...
Favourite Books: silmarillion, hobbit
Favourite Genre of Music: Rock and roll
Hobbies: Gaming, Travelling, cinema, training and others many things.[/b]

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