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Nareel High Spies of Kahame (International)

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Nareel High Spies of Kahame (International)

Postby Marquis » Wed Feb 01, 2006 1:09 am

OoC- This thread is for people who wish to join the High Spies to do so and they can take part in missions of espionage, assassination, and/or battle. Nareel are preferred but all beings are welcomed. It is also the thread in which outsiders (non-spies) can come to request the service of Keldicket and the High Spies. Missions may san much of Isis as they are requested, and all members are not only welcome, but encouraged to join the Nation of Kahame to participate in the missions for the Nareel High Spies of Kahame and Elder Keldicket. Feel free to sign up to train as a spy, go on spy missions, and/or hire the service of the spies.

Four large trees lie in a mysterious part of the Kenduul Woods, perched not far from the tops of these trees are the Nareel High Spies of Kahame, at the top is their Elder, Keldicket, though he is one of the youngest Elders of all the Nareel.

The spies have only recently opened their service and training to all citizens of Kahame, in prospect of the rewards of conquest throughout Isis. Keldicket sat in wait with a few Nareel guards and many birds at his side.

But this is but the headquarters of the High Spies. Their guild spans all of Isis and their influence is hidden to the public, but known well by those whom it serves and those whom it reveals. Spy bases, pockets, and recruiters walk among all the nations of Isis, unseen by the average civilian.

Keldicket had the following signs posted throughout Isis:

Nareel High Spies of Kahame: Labor Rates

General Spy Mission-Need information on a person or group? The High Spies will discover all you need to know in a matter of a day.
-100 G. upon success.

Scouting-Need enemy territory, mysterious land, or otherwise dangerous places scouted? The High Spies will scout it out from the air in one to three days upon arrival (at the site).
-25 G. to start, 100 G. upon success, an additional 50 G. for a map.

Assassination-Need someone 'taken out'? The High Spies will do the job at your command and convenience.
-200 G. to start, 500 G. and up upon success depending no target.

Mercenary Mission-Need to bulk out your tribe or company? The Nareel High Spies will march at your side.
-500 G. per Nareel, 100 G. per day overtime (past one month)

Search-Need to find someone lost or important? The High Spies have great eyes!
-50 G. upon success, additional 50 G. for retrieval, additional 50 G. for rescue

Delivery-Need something moved quickly? The High Spies can do that to!
-25 G. for a message, 50 G. and up depending on object size.

Recruiting/Advertising/Heraldry-Need a message spread out to as many people possible? The High Spies will spread the word far and wide.
-250 G. for one week's work.

Thievery-Need something stolen or returned? The High Spies will go against their honor for a great price.
-1,000 G. per object.

Bird Work-Need someone to deal with your bird(s)? Though it is a rare case, the High Spies can resolve any bird-being disputes with relative ease.
-100 G. upon success.

Elder Keldicket

Nareel High Spies of Kahame: Apply Now!

For any interested, the Nareel High Spies are seeking any interested individuals for our guild. All entrances are free of cost and include lessons in respective trades. Although all applicants may be apt to prior review, especially in the form of testing. Nareel are preferred, but all citizens of Kahame are welcome. Once trained, you shall be initiated, and sent out on field missions.

And please, choose I, Keldicket, as War Chief.

Elder Keldicket

And so things were set for the High Spies, Keldicket had posted word of missions and rates, of his bid for War Chief, and the availability for spy training. He returned to the Four Trees to wait for work or scholars.

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