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Hybrid Pathfinder / 4E

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Hybrid Pathfinder / 4E

Postby SkullThrone » Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:10 am

I'm running a Kick-Starter project that's 60% funded, just need a little more exposure, please check it out:

The project has two parts, 1st is a Post-Apoc Fantasy campaign setting with black powder weapons, socketed items and runic items, new mundane protective gear, and a new elite class of weapons that deal 2d8 base damage. The world definitely has a Zombie Apoc horror feel as well.

The 2nd part is a set of core rules, with bonus materials on incremental leveling in 4E, or even ala-carte spending of XP in tradition 4E, but the major section is a new set of D&D compatible rules that grants total freedom to character creation and evolution within the 4E game mechanics. The system brings back character uniqueness that the classes had in 3.5 and PathFinder. The play has been returned to a less rigid style with faster paced deadly encounter that don't take 90 mins per.

Rules for Times Two Daily Powers, Snap Rituals, Character creation and other 4E type improvements of on my blog as well. [url="http://opengateways.blogspot.com"]http://opengateways.blogspot.com[/url]. Its entering closed beta now, but the next beta is going to be open to contributors of the kick-starter project and is about two months out. Then hopefully it will be going to print about 6 months after that.[/img]

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