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RolePlay project survey

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RolePlay project survey

Postby Xmat » Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:31 pm

Good evening,

I'm here on behalf of Neoteric RP, the Czech/Slovak roleplaying project and want to ask you, better please you, to spend ten minutes and fill in our questionnaire about english-speaking RP community. We want to know, wether is worth to translate our server to english and provide it for English players as well as for Czech or Slovak. We have one year tradition, which is not so much, but I can say, that server has stable comunity and stable team.

We would be very happy for every single respondent or even sharing to more people. Remember, we are not doing it for ourselvers (we have totally loss budget), but for all people who would like to play good RP.

Questionnaire link

Some general informations about our project translated from our website:
Neoteric RP is a private server for the World of Warcraft game. This server started on 6th of November 2010. Neoteric RP is primary about RP. For this we made our new world based on World of Warcraft world (solid textures). We changed the story (Lich King wasn't killed), deleted all old content and started to create all again. Now we have 2 locations opened (Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains, now working on The Hinterlands and part of Silverpine forest), about 100 czech quests, hundreds of items, hundreds of NPCs and much more.

We changed game mechanisms. You don't find annoying leveling at Neoteric. We have constant level 20 and the true level is your social status, gear you have or RP score. As well as leveling was changed the spell system. Spells, abilities and professions are purchased for "Experiences" which players drop from bosses, receives as rewards from quests etc.

Thank you so much,
Matej 'Xmat' Kucera
Neoteric RP Co-founder and Leading Developer

PS: If you are so much impressed by our project, you can contact me via email xmat@wow-rp.cz and we can talk more about possible way of creating this English realm, because now we do not have any english staff.

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