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Aya is Semi Here

Postby Aya » Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:27 pm

Ok, so this isn't a vacation now. Just before christmas I got my notice to renew my permanent residence and I have until the end of March before it runs out. So I'm kind of in a flurry here getting forms filled out and all that crap. That being said, I'm here, but if I don't respond to issues or PMs, you know why. Please go to Ant or Grey first with any big problems. If they cannot handle them then they will pass it on to me.

The process seems simple enough, I'm just always in a panic about whether or not they'll accept my proof of relationship. Funny, they didn't even ask to see it when I got the marriage visa in the first place. They want to make sure it's a real marriage and I'm not just trying to get past the laws and mooch off the government. Seriously? Why would I move to a different country to do that when I could just stay home and do it to my own government... and have free health care on top of it. lol Oh well, rules are rules.
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