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Mature Fantasy Only

Postby Aya » Thu May 24, 2012 4:55 am

:yellowbullet: This OOC section is meant for Mature Fantasy RPs only. Do not post any OOC threads for any other genre here.

:yellowbullet: If you have an OOC that you're not sure of, post it in the section you think best suits it and then ask a mod.

:yellowbullet: If you have an OOC that does not have a genre specified yet, for example no plot, and you're just looking for someone to join you in an RP, post it in the brainstorming section. Once your RP has a plot/genre decided then you can ask one of the mods of the section to move it to the proper section.

:yellowbullet: If you have no idea for a plot, but you do know it will be a Mature Fantasy plot, then you may post it in this section and continue your brainstorming as normal. (if your plot changes to another genre in the process, ask a mod to move it)

:redbullet: Please keep in mind that only those with Mature access will be able to participate in the RP. All members have access to this OOC section, but without access to the mature RP section your players will not be able to see or read your IC RP thread. If any players wish to gain access for the purpose of joining your RP, or if you wish to create one and do not have access yourself, follow this LINK to the Mature Application.

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