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Imperium Megica : 3D Role Playing Game Maker

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Imperium Megica : 3D Role Playing Game Maker

Postby peteym5 » Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:40 pm

This may be a good area to get feed back on what RPG writers are looking for in Role Playing Game generating software. I am always looking for ideals and suggestions of stuff I can add.

Imperium Magica is a RPG Maker program I have been working on for about a decade. Has gone through many ports to keep it up to date. Recently ported over to Imperium Magica over to DirectX 9 & 10. The 3D engine is Truevision3D v6.5. Currently have two versions of the beta of the builder on my site. That is the program that creates and edits game files. The Database control is done with Microsoft Access Data Objects. Primary programming language is VB.Net. Enough of the technical stuff.

This program is more geared toward fantasy "Dungeons and Dragons" style RPG. Even though it is not specific. Does have different character classes, skill levels, experience points. I try to keep the author in control, but no program can satisfy everyone. However if someone tries my program and there is a feature they need, let me know.

Two recent requests is a possible MMORPG port and an extension it is Procedural Control. I am presently working on some upgrades that will consolidate down some of the information in the database tables.

I cannot link directly here, the post automatically gets deleted. You have to search for Imperium Magica via Google or Yahoo. It will be under (www) ThePeteZone (.com)
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