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I.I.E.P.(International Inn of Extraodinary People)((RP!!))

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I.I.E.P.(International Inn of Extraodinary People)((RP!!))

Postby xx_XdramaXqueenX_xx » Mon Jun 05, 2006 1:48 am

In the I.I.E.P. the halls are lined with extraordinary people that made a difference in Isis. People that made a BIG difference, whether good or bad. There are alot of people that check in or out, so it's hard to keep track, but that's why the people that do that have photographic memories. We need most of the staff, if you would bre willing to be one, but I am the owner and the check in person, plus I will sometimes walk the halls to mingle and chat.

You can be one of the staff, or a person checking in, or once in a while(every week or so in real life) a inspection person(not starting the day of!!)!!!!!!!!!!
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