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Field of Practice of the Inn of Isis (RP)

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Field of Practice of the Inn of Isis (RP)

Postby Xitaro » Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:22 pm

The field is located behind the Inn with every equipment for warriors who want some training or practice the art of fighting with other people of Isis.
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Postby Zapheres » Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:05 am

As Dako stepped out on the field, he saw everything he needed. There were different fields for different practices. All types of magic, the bow, different types of swords/knives, and other stuff. He wondered for a moment how it all got here. But this WAS an interesting place...

He looked to the armory. Good, everything was there. he got some chain mail, a pack of throwing knives, a scimitar, and a bow and quiver. He placed everything on him where he could fit it. He loved doing multi-weapon practice rounds. Fired him up good. He walked into the multi-weapon circle, and placed himself inside a small magical circle. It recognized what he had, and he felt as if he went through a roulette as everything went black. When it stopped, he found himself back on the field - with baddies coming at him from all sides.

Just to check, he shot a searing blast of water at a nearby warrior. It went through him, meaning the circle didn't recognize him as an Elemental. He grinned. At last, a fair fight.

He put on his lazy, arrogant smile, and went to work.

First, he took out the throwing knives. He knew they were supposed to be used as a last resort, but it was simply too exciting, and made the battle easy. He created a short-lasting whirlpool underneath him, and spun around, holding out the pack of knives. They flew everywhere, piercing anything they came in contact with. As he stopped, he could see the soldiers, some startled, others limping, groaning, shuddering, or dying. Then he brought out his bow. Putting three arrows in place, he turned it sideways, aiming for three frightened heads, severing them. He did this multiple times, killing all the limpers, until there were seven men left, maybe scratched, but in good shape. They charged him.

He whipped out his scimitar. He liked them because they were more of a slicing weapon then most. And with a simple wave backwards, he could stab any man. When the men were near him, he made a graceful slice diagonaly, slicing two people's throats and badly wounding another two's chests. He dodged the other three, while using a downward cut to split another man in half.

Four left. he thought greedily. He came up behind the two men still charging, and severed their spines with one quick swipe. The last two were kneeling, not able to breathe, a sick fire in their eyes. They held each other for dear life. Dako could sense the unforgiving hatred. He whispered too quietly "Good bye." and sliced them both in half. Even before they hit the ground, the field vanished before his eyes, and he felt the same roulette feeling. Only this time, more like Russian roulette. Then he was back, once more among the the field, but there was an erie feeling. Then a shadow came over the field, as a dragon swooped down onto the field, looked at him, and roared, a tower of flame crumbling toward him.

Oh goody. he thought.
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Postby Crosshade » Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:45 am

Gabriel flicked both of his own swords around, watching the battle with arrogant interest. Dragons werent much of a concern to him, he had fought his share around the tops of the mountains and knew weak spots. He stabbed his left blade into the chest of a dummy quickly, flicking the blade in deftly, and twisted it out, spinning it, and kicking the dummy down. It hit the ground, hay falling out and the breaking of a wooden spine alerted his ears of his success.
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