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Want to become a moderator?

Postby Ozental » Wed Sep 14, 2005 10:26 am

What Is Required From A Moderator?:

1. A moderator's main job is to check all posts in his/her assigned forum categories and to make sure they are appropriate both to the forum in general and the specific category. By 'appropriate' we mean that the post is not off-topic for the category or that it is not vulgar, hateful, spammed or generally inappropriate, based upon our forum rules. If a post is inappropriate for the forum in general, the moderator should edit or delete it. If the post is appropriate for another forum category, the moderator should move it to the correct category.

2. Moderators should also take responsibility to reply to posts, especially stagnant ones in an attempt to keep them alive. It is also required that moderators post new topics into their categories to keep their content fresh. Therefore, at this time, moderators are not asked to delete or remove old posts. If the site administrators decide to purge old posts that have had no recent activity, this will be done automatically via administrator-only tools.

3. As always, forums like this need visitors - but more than that, we need posters; good posters. You can always help out with this directly and indirectly. Get your friends and friends of friends to visit the forum, register and post messages or role-plays. If you are actively seen assisting in getting new registered users, this will go in your favour if you wish to become a moderator yourself.

4. Finally, moderators that do not contribute to the forums for a period of 1 month will have their moderator status removed and they will revert back to a 'standard' member. If you are having extended leave and will be away from the site for a long period of time but do intend to come back, please PM me with an expected return date.

Requirements To Become A Moderator:

1. Above all, you must show maturity, decorum and common sense when dealing with other members of the forum. Be helpful, non-abusive and comment on others' posts. If you are seen to put down other members or partake in 'name calling', you are not a suitable candidate.

2. You must show that you can use proper, grammatically correct English in your posts, with correct punctuation and use of capitalisation. Users who post messages using 'text-type language' (i.e. do not use "how u doin? l8r m8", etc.) or all UPPERCASE or all lowercase posts will be deemed unsuitable for moderation of posts. Complying to this criteria again shows a sign of maturity.

3. You must have posted enough 'sensible' posts to gain at least 200 posts in your post count. Anyone with less than 200 posts to their name will not be considered for moderator status.

4. You must have at least 10 Karma points. Anyone with less than 10 Karma points to their name will not be considered for moderator status. (And if you don't know what a Karma point is, then you are not suitable for moderator status).

5. You must have been a member of the forum for at least 3 months and contributed regularly to the forum during this time.

6. If you own a web site, it will go in your favour if you provide a link to the forum to this address: http://www.rpgforumsonline.com. I wish to clarify that this is not a requirement for moderator status but it will help. (If you need banners and such, you can check out our 'Promote' section for more details).

Taking Your Application Further:

If you feel you comply to these requirements and wish to be considered for moderator status, then send me a PM expressing your interest with an indication of the forum category or categories that you would be interested in moderating. Once this information has been received, the administration will monitor your activities over a period of time (usually several weeks) to assess your worthiness for moderator status. After this time, if you have been deemed suitable for moderator status, the administration will advise you via PM.

If you wish to check the status of your informal application, please wait for at least 4 weeks before requesting an update. Failure to comply with this process will be seen as an inability to follow site rules and processes and hence your application is likely to be unsuccessful.

Removal Of Moderator Status:

The administration reserve the right to remove moderator status from any member, for any reason, without prior notice. More frequent reasons for removal of moderator status include, but are not limited to:

1. Failure to contribute to the site or the forum category for which you are moderating,

2. Failure to deal with issues in a reasonable timeframe,

3. Repeatedly being inactive for long periods of time,

4. Change in attitude towards other members,

5. Receiving reports from other members with legitimate complaints about behaviour and attitude, and

6. Entering into situations that could prove a conflict of interest for RPG Forums Online as a whole.
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