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Rules and Regulations (Last updated 26-Mar-2010)

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Rules and Regulations (Last updated 26-Mar-2010)

Postby Smandoggi » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:14 pm

RPG Forums Online provides these Forums as a service to registered members, so we can provide a place where members can help each other and exchange ideas, tips, information, and communication. Like any community, these Forums are most valuable when everyone obeys certain basic guidelines and rules. These guidelines and rules are presented here so that you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from others. Please help keep the RPG Forums Online Forums a clean and friendly community. And, above all else, have fun!

The Purpose of These Forums
The purpose of these forums is to enable the members of the community to help each other in a constructive and positive atmosphere. If you are new to the forums and are unsure about anything, just ask! If you are an old hand and see new participants joining the forums, please welcome them and feel free to help them find their way!

The Forum Environment
Everyone wants to have a positive experience while on the Forums - please make sure that you contribute to it. All members are encouraged to be helpful, friendly and supportive.

Punishable Offenses
The following activities in any area of the site, public or private, may jeopardize your participation on these forums
  • Spamming - posting duplicate or dubious information on any area of the site, or attempting to contact the userbase through mass private messages.
  • Outside promotion - please do not use the forums or member PM/email facility in any way to promote/advertise third party services, products, websites, forums, chats or organizations not related to RPG Forums Online.
  • Crude language - outside the mature board, swearing is forbidden. As an international site, we cannot enforce every regional standard. Instead, we will enforce an evolving community standard based upon the commonly held "worst" profanity. Note that this rule extends to hate speech, and may be interpreted in context. If you have any doubts, ask a moderator.
  • Harassment - harassing any member is grounds for immediate termination of your account.
  • Attacking another member - there is a difference between disagreeing with someone and attacking their character. Do not insult, call out, or otherwise attack any member of the site. If you have a serious problem with someone, take it up with a moderator.
  • Plagiarism - when posting anything without attribution, it will be assumed to be yours. We will take down any content we find is not your original work.
  • Illegal activities - this not only includes participation in, but also encouraging others to break the law.
  • Gaming the system - do not attempt to get around the intended operation of any site feature. This particularly applies, but is not limited to, any online games that are part of the site.
  • Multiple accounts - you are only allowed one account on RPG Forums Online. Any additional accounts will be banned.
  • Sharing accounts - likewise, you may not share your account with any other person.
  • Dangerous materials - do not link to or upload any virus, trojan, or other malware on the site.
Note that some portions of the site have additional rules which are equally enforceable as those in this list.

Your participation in the Forums is subject to modification, deletion, access limitation or ban, by moderators, at their sole discretion, without notice. RPG Forums Online retains the right, at its sole discretion, to edit content and limit users' access that it considers inappropriate. RPG Forums Online or its members are not responsible for any failure or delay in taking such actions. Actions that a moderator/admin may take against a post in violation of these rules will depend largely on the transgression. The course of action may involve any number of the following:
  • Warnings by private message from staff of RPG Forums Online.
  • Editing, locking, or removing your post(s).
  • Temporary or permanent bans
  • Legal action

Limitation of Liability
You understand that members like you contribute the content of these Forums, that RPG Forums Online does not control and is not responsible for it, and that RPG Forums Online does not in any way guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, legality or completeness of any such content. You expressly agree that you bear all the risks associated with such content and that RPG Forums Online is not liable in any way for such content, for its errors and omissions, and for any losses and damage incurred as a result of accessing or using such content. These Rules and Regulations are in addition to, and not in lieu of the rights and obligations contained in the Site Terms, and the Privacy Policy. RPG Forums Online reserves the right to change its policies at any time.

By posting in this community, you agree to these rules and regulations and to the Site Terms.

Thanks to Ozental for the original version of these rules. Much of the content has not changed, as the site's goals remain more or less the same. The most recent changes are largely intended to clarify and bring the posted rules into better agreement with current practices.
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