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[Announcement] RPGFO Needs More Moderators! - Closed-

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[Announcement] RPGFO Needs More Moderators! - Closed-

Postby Asrai » Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:38 am

Do you think you have what it takes to become an RPGFO Moderator?

This announcement is currently CLOSED
We will not be accepting any new applications at this time.

That's right, RPGFO is recruiting for new moderators. Below I will outline what is expected from a moderator of the site, along with requirements and an application form. We require more moderators to help distribute the work load and to also allow for fresh faces and new voices.<hr>

  • As a moderator for RPGFO, your main job is to check all posts in your assigned forum category and make sure they are appropriate for both the forum and that specific category. What we mean by appropriate is that the posts are not off-topic from the category, they are not vulgar, hateful, spam or generally inappropriate [based on our forum rules]. If the post or thread is inappropriate for the forum in general, then there are specific steps to get it removed. You will not be required to delete it. If the post or thread does not belong in that category, you will be expected to move it to the correct one.
  • Moderators will be expected to take responsibility to reply to posts, especially stagnant ones in an attempt to keep them alive. It is also required that moderators remain active and involved with their category [along with the forum in general]. Also, you will be responsible for replying to Private Messages answering any queries or dealing with problems of members within your category. If you cannot deal with the problem, contact a Global Moderator. [Antaric, Asrai, Aya or Gideon]
  • Moderators will also be required to stay actively involved in the Moderator-Only sections to offer their insight, opinions or issues with the happenings of the site. Communication will be crucial to your role; you will be expected to check in to the assigned thread [within the moderator-only sections] once a week to update the administration and other staff members of what you have been doing.

  • Above all, you must show maturity, decorum and common sense when dealing with other members of the forum. Be helpful and non-abusive. If you have been seen in heated arguments, putting down other members or simply being destructive then you are not a suitable candidate.
  • You must show that you can use proper, grammatically correct English in your posts, with correct punctuation and use of capitalisation. Members who post messages using text speak or leet speak, [i.e. r u ok?, wubu2, 1337, n00bz, etc.] or all UPPERCASE or lowercase posts [outside of perhaps the Off-Topic section] will not be suitable candidates to moderate posts. Complying with this also shows a sign of maturity.
  • You must have been a member of the forum for at least 3 months and contributed regularly to the forum during this time. By “contributed” we would expect you to have participated in an least 2 long-lived RP’s, [lasting at least 2 pages] during those 3 months.


  • If you feel that you comply with these requirements and wish to be considered as an RPGFO Moderator: Please fill out the application below and send it as a PM to Asrai, titled, “Moderator Application Form”. Your application will be discussed with other Global Moderators over a period of time, [usually 2-7 days] to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. After this time, if you have been deemed suitable for moderator status, you will be contacted by a Global Moderator via PM.

    Also, if a category you'd like to moderate has a moderator already, don't feel afraid to put it down anyway. Two moderators are always better than one.

Code: Select all

[u]Moderator Application Form[/u]

[b]Date Joined:[/b]

[b]How often are you on the forum?[/b]

[b]How often do you post?[/b]

[b]What category would you like to moderate?[/b]

[b]What makes you think you are a suitable candidate?[/b]

[b]A member of the forum contacts you via PM, explaining that another member has posted in their roleplay being abusive. How would you handle this situation?[/b]


Moderator Application Form

Username: Asrai
Date Joined: 23 December 2005

How often are you on the forum? Every day

How often do you post? At least 3 times a day.

What category would you like to moderate? Sci Fi, etc. You can list more than one.

What makes you think you are a suitable candidate?
I have moderated on other forums, I am polite, I feel I can help people, I agree to comply to all of the rules and requirements, etc. Sell yourself.

A member of the forum contacts you via PM, explaining that another member has posted in their roleplay being abusive. How would you handle this situation?
Answer as truthfully as possible, detailing how you would handle this situation. <hr>

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