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A night without you.

Postby TheLadiesMarine » Fri Nov 23, 2007 2:10 pm

One of my talents happens to be writing, though i dont do it alot, didnt have alot of time while iw as in the Marines. Heres a piece i did for my girl while i was away.

a bit of gibberish just spilling from my tounge,
speaking of nothing but simple life meanings.
my heart it feels so heavy.
for im only speaking into a phone.
without you in my arms, i face this world alone.

the warmth of your body, i do miss it so
its so cold and lonely here, this world i must roam.
come back to me my love, for without you in my arms;
I face the world alone.

coming to me in my dreams, my hunger still unsettled,
to taste the sweetness of your lips.
my strength it is useless, for i am but a child.
or so it may feel.

to walk with you... that is enough.
not a single word spoken.
communtcation is not a must.
i can feel your thoughts, they are known by my heart.

The warmth of your hand in mine, is all i require.
no need of a blanket, or coat.
your love travels to me, from quite a distance.
but still i am lonely, less you are here.

unbearablely cold tonight seems.
it seems as if i have lost the ability to warm myself.
my heart no longer beats within my chest.
its with you, and you always.
Esse Quam Videri- To be, rather than to seem.
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Postby MizukiHikari » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:40 pm

I can write Poems;

A wish from your heart,
and a blink of an eye,
you can do your part,
you can say goodbye.

Dreams will end,
and tears will fall.
Fate will bend,
Goodbye to all.

I'll miss you now,
and forever more,
but now I bow,
and rain will pour.
(It only took me a minute to think of that so it isn't very good.)
You can't give what you haven't received.
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Postby TheLadiesMarine » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:51 pm

MizukiHikari wrote:I can write Poems;

A wish from your heart,
and a blink of an eye,
you can do your part,
you can say goodbye.

Dreams will end,
and tears will fall.
Fate will bend,
Goodbye to all.

I'll miss you now,
and forever more,
but now I bow,
and rain will pour.
(It only took me a minute to think of that so it isn't very good.)

A poem is only as good as its meaning. the words and rhymes dont matter. and though you can write... remember that the entire point is to get your point across.
Esse Quam Videri- To be, rather than to seem.
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an epic struggle

Postby TheLadiesMarine » Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:41 pm

i figured i'd add another one

Its like life jsut comes at you sometimes,

when i was young it used to be like that all the time.

i felt empowered everytime i conquered the next obstable,

and got right back up when it knocked me down.

i miss the adventure,

i miss the excitedment

and the challenge.

I want a fight,

one that makes me go so hard my muscles snap like high tension wires,

a challenge from a foe so powerful my demise is nearly certain.

i want a showdown against an obstacle so thick,

that not even my head can think through it.

then ill do what i always do,


by the skin of my teeth if necisary,

and by the last strand of life in me.

I was born a warrior

one single unit ready to fight

meant to survive and will itself to victory.

no matter how hard,

no matter how fast my oppenent maybe.

I will always go against him with open arms and honor,

for the simple fact that a good defeat is waiting out there for me somewhere.

let me be human, let me bleed.

let me conquer life, or spiral downwards in defeat.

knowing that I, stood.

knowing that I faced something greater then I,

and met it, whatever fate it sent me to.

let light or oblivion be my prize.
Esse Quam Videri- To be, rather than to seem.
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Postby Obi_Tu_Kenobi » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:03 pm

Hi. Well - I can't draw, but I can fudge pictures. Usually of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) or my dog, but seeing as 'tis the season:
This was done on MS Picture It 7.0 - freeware that came with my comp. Whatcha think?
<center> Image
A hyena understeers - that's the drawback with a hyena</center>
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Hello every body

Postby Varoona » Fri Nov 30, 2007 5:34 pm

Hey i'm just introducing my self I'm kristal but most people just call me kris or kristy. Any how i'm a great roleplayer as you will soon find out and i'll RP any thing that any body asks of me (no really there are no limits to what i'll do). Here is a story i've been working on actually and if you would please give me some feed back on it through PM or email if you want my email is Sakamerasu@gmail.com loves you all

The Trials of Esmellentra

A bird chirped in the background. Smiling the young woman continued to walk through the forest though her ear twitched at the noise. Lifting her head high she sniffed the air, breathing in the cool spring air as well as the scents of the forest. Sighing contently she looked up to the sun. Seeing it high in the sky she decided it was time to head back home to her loving family.
The whip cracked harshly right next to her ear. She jumped snapping painfully back to reality. The slaver yelled something she didn’t understand so she didn’t move. A pricing pain ripped through her back as the whip opened yet another wound. The slaver shouted at her again. She still didn’t understand him but followed the others example and moved. The chains on the ankles and neck clinked as she walked off the boat and on to the dock. She was chained to two other Women who were holding each other close shivering with fright. Sighing she tugged on the chain that connected them and motioned for them to follow her. She would have liked to reassure them but she knew exactly what was in store for them and there was nothing reassuring about it.
The whips cracked again as they were herded like sheep in to a pen. Unchaining them the slaver smiled at Esmellentra and ran a finger along her chin. Growling she snapped at the figure missing by only a hair. Laughing wickedly the slaver took his whip and brought it once again down across her back. This time the pain from the blow dropped her to her knees. Arching her back in pain she cried out tears coming to her eyes. This seemed to satisfy the cruel slaver and he decided to move on leaving her in a bloody heap of pain.
She lay there for quite some time tears streaming down her face both from the pain of the whip and the loss of her family. She remembered that horrid day as clear as day…
The day started just like every other one. Esmellentra had gone off on her daily mid day walk. On her way back though the woods her keen nose caught the smell of something burning. She rushed home only to find her castle in flames and the village destroyed.
Breaking the burning door down with a kick she searched the still burning castle for her family. To her dismay she found the body of both her mother and her father. Tears coming to her eyes she fell to her knees in sorrow. She was so engrossed in her own pity she never even heard the three men sneaking up on her until it was too late. She felt a sharp pain on the back of her head then blackness.
Awaking a few hours later she found herself chained to other women and on a barge headed to an unknown place with men standing over her smiling evilly. The men spoke but she did not know the tongue in which they addressed her. But apparently one of the other men found it funny and laughed loudly. She could tell that these were the men that had destroyed her village, her home, and her family. What she didn’t know is what they would do with her next.
Her memory stopped there and she pulled herself to a sitting position inside of the cage. Drawing her knees up to her chest she sat there waiting for food. She let out a deep and heavy sigh, the tears returning to her eyes. She slipped back in to regression trying to remember all the good times and block out the horrid situation she was in. Curling up tightly she lay there weeping and alone. The young wolf girl once leader of a kingdom now reduced to lower then nothing.


“Bid Starts at 10 gold pieces!” shouted the Slaver. The chains were heavy and the shackles bit deep in to her sore wrists. She tried to lift her hands to rub her sore neck but they were chained to her feet. Sighing her ears fell and she looked down at the floor. “Last chance for bidding!” He yelled again. “10 gold for this pretty young Roo. Any takers? No? Bid rejected! Get her out of here!” The chain around her neck tightened and she was lead off back toward the cage. However this was not the same cage she had been placed in before. But she had been there so long she couldn’t really tell any more. Never the less this cage was not like the solitary confinement that she was used to. This cage had another person in it. She looked mangy and like she had just recently been taken off the slave boat. She appeared to be a wolf but was curled up so tightly she couldn’t tell.
“Get in there!” he shouted at her. “You have a new cell mate today. Hehehe. Make nice now I don’t want to see any trouble. This one is worth quite a bit. 200 Gold pieces if I’m not mistaken.” She was shoved in to the cage. “200 gold pieces?!” she thought to her self. “She must be royalty or something special to be worth that much.” She sighed and leaned against one of the bars. Then her ears perked up. From the ball of the canine girl on the floor she heard a feint sound. She was crying. “Oh yea this girl is defiantly new.” She moved over slowly and put an arm around the small wolf. “Hey now it’s ok…Don’t cry. Shhhh…Everything will be all right.” She cooed to the girl as she softly stroked her fur. The girl looked up at her with big wet eyes and hugged her tightly, sobbing in to Carols’ pouch. Carol gently stroked the young girl's head still cooing to her. “Shhhh….It’s ok, it’s ok….”
“Miastra Monel….Miastra Monel…” the girl said through her tears in a foreign language. “Must mean ‘I miss My Mom’ or something like that.” Carol thought. Then smiling she pulled the small girl up and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “It’s ok little one Big sister is here to help you now. And she won’t let any thing bad happen to you.” The girl blinked and then hugged her again. “S-S-Sister…” she stuttered out as she hugged her. Carol smiled and hugged her back. “That’s right little one…Do you have a name?” she asked. The girl looked up at her and cocked her head to the side puzzled. Smiling Carol pointed to her self and said, "Carol." She repeated the action then looked at the girl. Smiling the girl pointed at her and said "C-Carol…Carol S-Sister" Carol smiled and nodded, "Yes I'm Carol. But who are you?" The girl nodded, “Esmellentra.” She said pointing at herself. “Esmellentra” she said again. Carol smiled “Esmellentra is it? Well that’s quite a mouthful I’ll just call you Emmy is that ok?” the little girl nodded and snuggled with her new found sister.

A hooded man stepped off the boat and on to the dock. He was tall maybe around six feet five inches in height. Pulling his hood farther over his face he continued inside. Upon entering his eyes gazed at the lavish décor of the place. The main pens were made out of strong ebony to prevent any escape and had dark red curtains strung across them. His eyes flicked to the center of the room where a large buffet was displayed as well a golden fountain. The fountain was sculpted to look like a slaver with her foot placed atop a bent over slave. The slaver held in her hands a coiled up whip. Water was streaming out of the slaves mouth as well as the handle of the slaver's whip. The whole fixture was roughly twenty feet high. Nodding at the sculpture he continued in to the grand hall way his sharp claws clicking on the stone floor and made his way to a cushioned seat near one of the pens. With a bored gaze he surveyed the slaves in the pen before leaning back in his seat to wait for the one that had invited him here.
Before long a woman came to address him. The woman was very skinny and seemed to be a fox. "My Mistress seeks you company great sir." She said bowing to him, "This way please." She gestured to a long hallway of to the side. The man stood and followed her. The woman led him through a marble arch way and stopped bowing again. "This is as far as I am aloud to go sir please proceed up the stairs to the left thank you." She kept her head bowed as he past. Once he had passed she slipped back into the shadows of the dark hallway.
Proceeding as she had instructed he walked up the long twisting staircase until he arrived at a large double door. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. One of the sides opened and a squirrel stood there in a maid's uniform smiling at him "Ah. It is good to see you master razor claw. Please wait in the study while I announce you presence to the mistress. She is freshening up now and will be with you shortly." The squirrel led him to a room with bookshelves lining the walls and offered him a seat on the couch. "If you need anything please pull the chord here and I will be right in." she smiled and bowed as she exited closing the door softly behind her.
The room was very cozy and ad a feint smell of cigar smoke to it. It was dimly lit which added to its soothing atmosphere. The man relaxed on the couch leaning back against the soft red velvet cushions and rested his hands behind his back. Noticing a book laying on the table in front of him he casually picked it up to examine it. The Skrawl and the Secrets of Their Conquest was the title of the book and it looked as if it had been read more then a few times. Smiling he casually opened the first page and began to read. He had not gotten but a few pages into it when the door opened again. It was the same squirrel from before. "Mistress Heather is ready for you now sir if you would follow me I shall take you to her." He placed the book back on the table and exited the room with her.
He was lead in to a large common room furnished with expensive couches, chairs, and even a feinting couch arranged in a circle so the occupants could talk. However, upon entering he did notice something a bit out of the ordinary. There was a straw cot in one corner right next to the desk, but he did not dwell on that fact. A woman wearing a lovely red dress stood as he entered and greeted him. "Hello Skal it's so good to see you again." She moved over and gave him a hug. "Thank you Cherie." She said to the squirrel maid, "Now would you fetch us a bottle of wine? Red sounds good to me what do you think Skal?" she said to him but did not wait for an answer. "Yes red if you would Cherie that's a dear. Come Skal we have much to discuss." She leads him to the chair across from her smiling. Cherie scurried out of the room to fetch the wine. "Hehe good old Heather." Skal thought to himself, "She always was the controlling one." He sat and smiled at her. "So heather, what's so important that you bring me all the way to you house. Lovely decorations by the way, you'v e really out done your self." He pulled back his hood revealing his scaly face. He was a raptor and one of the last of his kind. Heather's face now turned serious. "It's about them Skal. I fear we are all in grave danger."
Esmellentra awoke in her new found sisters arms. Rubbing her eyes shgot up and streached. The floor was cold and damp and her sleep had been restless but it was moderately replenishing never the less. As she looked around she realized that their cage was not the only one. On each side there were what looked like animal pens on horse stables each housing to or three slaves each and were sectioned off. Each pen was no more then 50 square feet each and had a walk way in between each section.
Her sharp ears heard some one coming down the corridor. Suspecting it to be a slaver, she quickly lay back down on the floor and pretended o be asleep.
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Postby VAPER » Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:07 am


There's a town called "Don't You Worry"

On the banks of the river "Smile"

Where the "cheer-up" and "be-happy"

Blossom sweetly all the while.

Where the "never-grumble" flower

Blooms beside the fragrant "try"

And the "never-give-up" and "patience"

Point their faces to the sky.

In the valley of "Contentment"

In the province of "Good Will"

You will find this lovely city

At the foot of " No Fret Hill."

There are thoroughfares delightful

In this charming town

And many many shade trees

Named "vary seldom down."

Everybody here is happy

And are singing all the while

In this town of "Dont You Worry"

On the banks of the river "Smile"
The past gives us experience and memories; the present gives us challenges and opportunities;the future gives us vision and hope
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Postby Five271993 » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:06 pm

Nightmare Hunters

Countless years ago a group of righteous fighters formed an elite alliance. Their mission as such was to eliminate all evil in the world. They were lost to the records of time carrying out their duties in complete secrecy. One day they got a tip one of their targets, which had eluded them constantly, was going to be in his office at midnight that night. The target was a creature that was in direct communication with the elemental lord of darkness. The target was so powerful that entire order decided to go after him to assure his demise. When they got there, however the target was waiting with thousands of bodyguards. The Order of the Nightmare Hunters had been tricked! Somehow been able to place the tip and draw out the entire order. He knew that he had won from the time that the first hunters had entered the room. The darkness creatures attacked the hunters, but they traded them blow-for-gruesome-blow. The battle lasted for hours and by the time the sun had risen the battle had been reduced to the Elder Hunters, a few new recruits, 100 creatures, and the target. Then the target cried out, “Now my loyal servants DESTROY THEM!!!!!!” They fought the best they could against the beasts but as the creatures drew them away from each-other, the elders realized that the Order was doomed. The recruits were drawn into a circle with one elder with them. Now I was one of the new recruits, and had finished my training just days before. My master was the strongest elder, and the last one alive. Emboldened by his presence, I fought harder then ever against the beasts. My fellow students were cut down and the beasts just kept walking over the bodies. My master, seeing them fall, went insane with rage and started killing the creatures with a resolve that I had never seen from him. While he was fighting a creature that was so frightening that my blood ran cold appeared and swung once at my neck and in that second I knew my own demise. In the last second, however my master saw this and jumped right into the swings path giving his own life to protect me. When I saw this, I went insane. I jumped at the demonic-creature that had cut him down and ripped his head off of his neck with my bare-hands, and as my master lay there dyeing he said, “Listen to me Five, my life shall not have been in vain. I have trained you and I believe you will be the savior of our order. Take my sword, and fight these demons!” At that he grasped his sword and shoved it into my hand, and then grasped my hand in his death-grip, “I have a feeling that you will make me proud, Five.” Just then I heard the rest of the beasts coming closer. So, i turned and faced them. “You things are responsible for the death of my order. You have killed many men. Now YOU shall die!” As a said this, I charged threw them with my master's blade held out. As I went, I killed many demons. They where no match for me in my blind rage. When I finished, the target said “How is this possible? How can one man kill so many beasts? Fine, but YOU WILL DIE!!!” He then charged me in his full demon form. So we fought, man-to-beast, for hours, with no end in sight. Suddenly though, I found an opening. I had been pressing, causing him to leave his neck open. So I jumped and with the last of my strength I jabbed my straight up through his jaw. He fell, realizing that he was finished. So then I took my own sword and beheaded him. I then took the head back to the hunters' base. There I put it into the room for our targets, and took the sword of my master to the main display case, and placed it inside. That was the fall of the Hunters' and since there has been much change. The order is strong once again, with me as the grandmaster. The new mark of a grandmaster is the honor of using our order's new symbol of power, my master's blade.
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Postby Redskies » Wed Jan 09, 2008 4:26 pm

Some very nice images here. I wasn't able to add any images to this post here, so instead I'll link to my gallery...


Hope you enjoy :)
When I first beheld the new world
I was bewildered and could not help myself
from gazing at the heavens in awe.

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Re: Show Us What You Got

Postby Grape » Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:04 pm

Xitaro wrote:I invite every members to show us any special talent that they might have. You can post here any story, poetry, drawing or anything that you are able to do to show us what you are capable of.

For each work, every members will receive an awards related to it. The greater the works the greater the awards would be. The awards will range from 1000 to 50 000 credits, so let your imagination and creativity free and have fun posting it here.

I've been playing the piano since I was 5. I can't really demonstrate it here though :P

I demand credits!!!

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Postby Mickey » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:14 am

They're on Fanfiction.net, and are about Kingdom Hearts.
They're staying there, because that's where my cliffhangers work best.
http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_p ... &chapter=1
http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_p ... &chapter=1
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Postby RemyKiel » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:12 pm


Some quick lineart that I never colored. Ever hear of the game Puzzle Pirates? They look like LEGO people. So I decided to draw her (The character I had before I quit) a bit... less building block-esque.
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Postby ebony_lace » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:17 pm

I apologize for the terrible photo quality, but my scanner has recently well... gone out of service, so I had to resort to a digital camera for these.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/ ... C_0001.jpg
^This is an acrylic portrait of Gene Simmons I painted for a project in the 10th grade, last year. I never really got around to finishing it, and if you couldn't already tell, the poor quality destroyed the detail. T^T

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/ ... C_0002.jpg
^This is Aislin Emeroche, a character of mine from some random roleplay I participated in a while ago. The theme was along the lines of like, Final Fantasy meets chobits... sort of. I don't really remember, but it didn't last very long.
All I know is that I hate her hand. >-<

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/ ... C_0003.jpg
^Kane, a fictional character of mine. As you can tell, he's basically a celtic guardian of sorts.
He DOES have arms... I just got really lazy and never took time aside to give them to him. ^-^;

Other than drawing, I guess I'm pretty good at making cereal in a bowl. :D
"For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great... You have no power over me."
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What I Got

Postby phaze » Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:36 pm

Hey guys. I'm completely new here. I guess this is as good a place to start as any.
First off, my compliments to all the other posters here showcasing their amazing talents.
seekerofwriting, your poem was very interesting and I like the flowing "word-of-mouth" style it was written in. And your sigs are amazing. Beautiful complexity.
Lunaris, your poem was similarly beautiful and complex. The imagery in it was breathtaking.
Kowari, your artwork is brilliant. I love the blend of colors and details in your digital picture.
Weiss, captivating stories. And your sigs are similarly intriguing.
I would go on, but i'm pressed for time. Besides, I'd like to present a few of my own works.

First, a poem:
[spoiler]On “Love”

Hah, Love.
An old evil, heart’s pure intention.
Blood flows warmly, strongly,
Rushing to your face. An awkward smile,
Belies a dragon within.
Laughter peals
The night air, and I feel

That strange rush, the mystery
Of lust, repeating history.
No, don’t stare,
With those moist gentle eyes.
I beg you, don’t care,
Or drown me with lies.

Bah, Deception abounds
Through this light spring air.
Yes, I want to caress,
To share your warmth in my chest.
I want it all,
To feel that great pain,
True Pleasure’s sacred gain.
I want to call out your name.
But I can’t want, can’t need.
Or eternal greed
Will fester in my wounds.

Ah, that Passion!
Fulfillment never seemed so near,
That will to conquer and consume my fears…
All on your lips, delicate red
Petals floating on a rippling reflection
Of that perfect full Moon.
Yes, this is all I desire…
To lose myself in this soothingly raging fire.
How scarred will I be
When I emerge, and how far will I be
From quenching my new urge?

And another:
[spoiler] Water

I stand here,
Surrounded by a swirling blizzard,
I in the Eye of my despair.
Snowflakes fly by,
I can see them,
Their every feature, their intricate design.
Like faces,
Not one the same, and yet
Not at all unique.

I hold out my tongue,
Desperate for a taste.
Never felt so young,
Reaching out in blind haste.
And yet they blow past,
Amazingly fast,
Any single one impossible to take.

The ice, trembling underneath my feet,
And suddenly I plunge
Into the cold dark depths of the sea.
I’m falling,
My heart a heavy anchor,
Pulling me under,
Until I cannot breathe.

I realize as I float down
Through all my memories
That there is nothing here and nothing now
To cloud my fading sight.
So I open my eyes,
And spot the light
Rising up from underneath me.

Everything around
Resonates with clarity.
The lower I float down,
The better I can see.
I turn around,
Knowing now
That I was never sinking. [/spoiler]

And a random piece of flash fiction I impulsively wrote one day for no reason:
Perfection. It was in his eyes, longing and aching with desire, as he looked over and saw that sweet object of affection. It was there in her double take as she peered across the street. It was on his face, twisted in surprise and then breaking out into an authentic and jovial smile. It was there in the way she stopped dead in her tracks, speechless and awestruck. It was there in the way he swept open the heavy glass door to the wind outside, hurried and emphatic. It was in her aching heart, bursting with a sudden and unexpected joy. It was in his mind, flooded with images of fulfillment, satisfaction, gilded light. It was present in his legs as they walked, then ran, thudding on the pavement of the sidewalk and then the road, towards heaven, towards bliss. It was in her smile, her awaiting arms, spread out wide like wings soaring through a clear summer sky. It was there in his tears, joy streaming down his face, mixing with the pouring rain, and in his breath as it intensified and quickened, and in his pulse as his heart beat harder, harder, threatening to rip itself right out his chest....
And then it was gone.
Destruction. It was everywhere. It was in his sideways glance at the blaring headlights, his eyes widening with dumbfounded horror akin to an animal about to be slaughtered. It was in her throat, gasping and tripping over itself with that same exact horror. It was there in his ears, oh his ears, filled first with the deafening blare of the truck's horn and then with her scream. Her scream, resounding through his eardrums, through his mind, through his entire body, shattering his dreams, his every desire, enshrouding his consciousness... all he could hear was her cruel, shrill, dreadfully drawn-out banshee wail, overpowering his every sense... It was there in the squeal of the brakes, accompanied with a sudden sickening crack as his body was rammed and flung brutally onto the waiting cold road, right into its wet dark embrace. It was there in his dark, absent eyes, and the redness spreading under his lifeless body, soaking into his limp wet clothes and matting his golden-brown hair. It was in her collapse, her utter breakdown, her one need ripped away right before her eyes, in her hand as it reached out, groping, wanting to grab onto his soul, wanting to escape with it to someplace, anyplace, anywhere but here... anytime but now...
But it was not to be. Her suffering did not end, her salvation was not attained, not by any Angel of Death, not by a truck, not by a time machine, nor by her own fears or dreams... It was nowhere to be found. And so she wept. And so she wept....[/spoiler]

Alright, that's enough. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. See you guys around.
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Postby kurokikaze » Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:09 am

alrighty well here's the intro to a story I am working on, I've gotten much further, but there is vulgar language and excessive violence and suggestive material in it so I'll just put the first few paragraphs, and you can judge it how you wish. Since it says they need a sample of writing here it is, I'll admit to lacking in talent, but I'm working on it.

The man sat at a desk his pen scribbling on the parchment before him

<center>I have lived a long life, much longer than I appear to have, and during this life I have seen so much of human nature. Why is it the nature of mankind to be so inhumane to itself? To be so full of hatred and destructiveness. It is though the legend of Pandora were the truth of what lays within each and every human being. It is as though when we reach a certain age, a box within us is opened, one containing all the vices in the world. Anger, Envy, Lust, Despair, so many are the evils that we unleash upon ourselves and others, it cloaks the world in a perpetual darkness. Yet in each and every human there is the light of hope, it is what gets us through the present, a hope for the future, and in a select few, there is actual goodness though such a thing is rare. I have seen the abysmal lows we can let ourselves degrade to, and I have seen the dizzying heights that so few achieve in aiding others. For the majority of us the world is a dark place, one of deception and mistrust. To those of us who do not rank among those rare individuals this is a requiem. Here lies Love, Honour, Trust, Truth, Kindness, and all the other virtues of the soul, stillborn in a world where they cannot exist due to the nature of the beings seeking them. It is to these virtues that I mourn, for imagine a world where they could be given birth and nurtured, a world where they were not abolished before even given the chance to become more than a concept or a dream...</center>

Reaching up the man pinches the bridge of his nose with long slender fingers and lets out a sigh "Perhaps that is good enough for tonight, maybe if I once more venture outside I will find that spark of life that has been missing for so long." he says in a near whisper to himself, then chuckles as he puts on a jacket 'Yes I've been alone so long I am talking to myself now. Yet am I prepared for the nightlife of this city? It's been a very long time, but time is cyclical.' he shrugs at his thoughts and opens the door to his apartment and steps out into the city at midnight.

As he exits the apartment building the sounds of the world assail his mind, so much clamour and noise. So much life and light at all times of the day, it felt like his senses would be overloaded after so much time by himself. Closing his eyes he tilts his head back as a light rain starts to fall causing many other people to scamper for cover 'No matter how proud we get, nature will always affect our lives. So many scamper from the rain, as though afraid of the cleansing it offers.' He thinks to himself then shrugs continuing on unable to feel the cold bite of the rain as it continues to fall.

Sound errupts from a nearby building, the beat writhing and primal. The music pulls at him, as it generally does, tugging at his memories as he walks in the door to the pub. On the stage a band is playing a thrashing metal tune, and people dance, push and shove all around lost in the melody that calls to them. Removing his dripping coat he finds himself a seat back from the building adrenaline and pheromones lest he be drawn in as well, he came to experience life but he did not wish to cause anyone any harm if he lost control.

Ordering himself a glass of juice from the waitress, one that would be mostly untouched most of the night he sits back to enjoy the show his foot moving with the beat of the drummer as he longs to pick up one of the instruments and join in on the magic that can shape others moods so easily. As he opens eyes he had not realized he had closed he sees before him a young woman gazing at him with unveiled interest. She was what many would call beautiful, with long raven black hair and eyes as blue as a clear sky, it was hard to tell whether the metal piercings she sported added or detracted from her physical appearance, but to many she would be breathtaking, and in his mind most likely trouble.

As their gazes met momentarily she flashed him a smile taking the time he took to assess her as interest and approached his table "You should come up front, if you keep hanging back here in the shadows people might start thinking you're a creeper."

He chuckles at her words "How do you know I'm not a creeper child."

She frowns slightly "Alright for one I'm not a child." then that mischevious smile touches her lips again "And you really need to do something other than sit around, come'on it'll be fun I promise."

There was so many ways her words could be taken, but he didn't feel inclined to take her up on her offer. Rising from his seat he shakes his head "I'm sorry but I will have to decline, it's getting far to late for an old man like myself to be out and about."

Her smile turned brittle as she grasped his hand, obviously she was not used to being refused "You look young enough to me, so cut out this age bull$^%@. In case you didn't notice any other man here would kill to get my attention."

He looks down meeting her gaze once more "Then why choose me?"

For a moment, he could see beyond the lust in her eyes deeper into her soul, and what he saw broke his heart. She was a lonely and lost soul, one looking for companionship and love, and this was the only way she knew how "Because... you seemed different." she says in a low tone that he barely heard above the music. Then her eyes were cold and hard and she turned from him "I see that you're not interested, so I'll just find someone else, you just missed out on the chance of a lifetime buddy."

As she walks away into the crowd again he shakes his head sadly 'Child, if only there was something I could do for you. I see so much pain, so much hurt and rejection in your soul. It is a mirror to my own and fills me with shame, for if I had offered you my comfort I would have destroyed you. I am a monster beneath this flesh, a being of darkness one that would shatter all that you know.' He walks towards the door setting his hand upon it 'I hope that one day you find your peace little one, and do not end up damned as I am.' With that parting thought he exits once more into the night as the heavens continue to weep.
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Postby Scottenkainen » Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:18 am

This would be my resume: scottenkainenland.blogspot.com
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Postby Arcanestatic » Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:47 am

Arcane Static.

Sometimes I write.

The Teeth

Seeking Sanctuary

Before the Dawn

Sometimes I make costumes.


Pleased to make your acquaintance.
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Postby sinistaBG » Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:22 am

I am nothing special as a person - i like simple things, im interested in Photshop. I am a beginner so I'm gonna show you a little something which i made today and I'm really proud of. I have expectations of making money with skills in programs such as Adobe Photoshop.
Here it is.
Zaraki Kenpachi
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Postby Naril » Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:36 am

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Postby RossiUno » Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:35 am

Meh..may as well.
I'm a pencil artist, so..here's the latest from my DeviantArt..


My DeviantArt
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Postby Sugar » Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:52 am

RossiUno- that piece is amazing. Would you mind providing a link to your DeviantArt so that I could check out some more of your artwork?

As for my own talents... like most (all?) of you, I write. All of my poems can be found at www.fictionpress.com/~natosha , but I might as well post a few here. I suppose I'll just share the three that I included in the thread that I recently created over in the Poetry section.


It was a week ago on your front porch,
As we sat under the moon
It was saying,
“Be a man just hold her hand-
something’s got to happen soon”
Because my eyes were wide but my
heart was tired as I waited for that kiss
But again you would betray and leave
sweet nothing on my lips

Five years and counting, and it’s growing old
even though I love you still
But love can’t
learn to play or sing when it’s being
held against its will
Because with fingers crossed and eyes kept tight,
saved for the morning sun
These lonely nights would be in vain to see
the morning never come

Ignored the two week timeframe for the ice to melt,
for you to get out that guitar
You were singing
your secrets in rhyme, hidden behind a
smile in the dark
Because that kiss was as a single chord that
we could build into a song
And the notes we played were beautiful
While our timing was all wrong

A Brand of Begging, Roadside

I smiled as you offered to accompany me inside,
but the narrow stairway granted us no space to look behind
And as I looked to you for answers you would only hide your eyes
I was blind to your intentions; you were blind to compromise

If I could write an honest line to match your every chord,
these nights of subtle consequence would culminate in more
than my failed attempts to sway you with these brief, constricted words
and fragments of a confession lying forgotten on your floor

I marked your map up for you, took the compass off the shelf
Couldn’t find the will to tell you you’d be searching for yourself
You left without ‘goodbyes’ and started driving towards the coast
But for all your good intentions, your horizon was a ghost

In mercy after just one hour, I called you to come back
on grounds that, with every mile, you were slipping more off track
You returned to where you’d left me, insisted you’d take me home
So we weathered the miles in silence, together yet alone

Before we’d crossed one stateline, you stopped and turned to me to ask
why I’d filled my calendars with false recollections of the past
With your eyes upon me it was hell to find the words to say
But, “I write these lines with hope that I might call them true someday”

The sun waking behind us urged us down the empty roads
And while neither one of us has ever done just what we’re told
It’s something that stands firmer with every moment of each day
If you won’t tell me if you want me, I can’t give myself away

Your Philosophy on Fear (The River)

Hand in hand, we walked along the river
Hesitant, you led us to the water’s edge
And although the path we’d followed still was calling,
you suggested that we rest a while instead

So gently, you pulled me into the shallows,
where we stood to talk and cool our eager feet
The sunlight throwing sparks off of the water,
though I could hardly see the beauty for the heat

But gradually, the day cooled into evening
And as darkness fell, I urged that we should go
I was all too eager for our destination,
and you found it in your heart to tell me “no”

You told me that it’s best we test the water
before following the river to its source
But I wondered, just how long may we linger
before the waters that we dwell in change their course?

You assumed it as the ebb and flow of nature,
that what should be will always eventually be
And in our human frailty, we cannot change that
But only cherish every brief, fleeting reprieve

And then, with a sudden smile, you surprised me
as you made your way back out onto the sand
It was an obvious gesture of your decision
And so we walked along the river, hand in hand


And in addition to writing, I dabble in media and film production.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAPpcT0yRPI - Here you'll find a typography that I did as my final project for my media productions class last semester.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xA7lMN7xL0 - This just so happens to be a music video that managed to make it into a highschool film festival.
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Postby Sliver » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:35 pm

(Smiling female purposefully saunters into the room with a bundle of sparklers and a boombox.)
"Well this looks like a fascinating place to be! Pleased to meet you all. My name is Sliver. I'd love to offer you all something easy and traditional, but I'm afraid that I know when I've been outclassed."
(Still speaking, she walks up to each person and hands them each a stick of a 'sparkler'.)
"See I love to write, but my son is the creative writer in my family. I adore drawing, but my daughter just plain old puts me to shame in that category."
(Pulling out a lighter, she begins to approach each person with their sparklers.)
"But one thing my odd and interesting family has told me on many occasion, is that I am a very 'random' person. And that quality is exactly what I hope to bring to your illuststrious forums."
(Skipping over to the boombox, she presses a button and happy, obnoxious music pulses out of the speakers.)
"I sincerely hope that you all enjoy disco."
(Walking about the room, she begins to light each and every person's sparkler until it emits en ember glow sets alight; happily sparkling away in each person's hand. Lights a spakler for herself in her own hand.)
"And now! Join me in... interpretive dance!"
(Crazy woman now begins to jump and dance around waving her sparkler in the air, making patterns of light and arcs of streaming orange colours.)
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Postby Tas » Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:13 pm

Kalibahn sat at the bar, with his well earned ale. He'd struck up a friendship with Selanis, an Eladrin warrior and would-be warlord. The Eladrin seemed to have a gift for tactics and combat that might prove useful in the days ahead. The two made an unlikely pairing. Kalibahn, Paladin of Erathis, was physically huge even for a Dragonborn. An almost elemental presence, with his scarred red-scaled form and bronze eyes, in full armour and wielding his massive double-handed sword he was almost seven feet tall and weighed in the region of 400lbs. For all that, he moved gracefully and quickly when necessary. The Eladrin, by contrast was elegant, slim and other-wordly. He moved with a grace unmatched by many, and regarded combat with a cool detachment. He had also demonstrated a flair for tactics and command, a useful skill in this ragged, frontier town. Kalibahn looked forward to the weeks ahead, civilising this untamed frontier.

With a crash, the tavern doors flew open, and Selanis uttered a strangled oath. Hobgoblins ran in, garbed in Cuir Bouli and wielding a variety of rust-splotched weapons. Over their cheap armour were belted dirty red tabards, almost in mockery of more civilised troop's uniforms. Grabbing his spear, Selanis shoved Kalibahn forward, jolting him from his reverie. "Move, soldier!" he barked, as he ran forward to engage the Hobgoblin running toward them. The villain just about parried the Eladrin's thrust as Kalibhan moved in, but could not bring his shield around in time as Kalibahn's two-handed blade sheared through the cheap-looking leather armour of his opponent.
Looking toward the door, the two of them saw four more patrons taking up weapons, as assorted farmers and townsmen scattered. Allies!
As one of the evil looking humanoids skewered an unfortunate townsman, one of their allies, a nimble halfling shouted "Look out!"
He pulled out his hand-crossbow and shoot, calmly at the Hobgoblin. The humanoid dropped, the small bolt neatly nestled between his surprised looking eyes. An elf, known to Kalibhan as Lindrel, quickly dropped another of the hobgoblins with a fine shot from his longbow. A blast of lightning hit another of the humanoids almost simultaneously. A wild, dishevelled looking human, seated at Lindrel's table and dressed in furs and leathers, looked on with a look of grim satisfaction. Sparks played about his oaken staff and he smiled at the Elf and Halfling, as the Hobgoblin fell. Ozone-tanged smoke issued from the hole in it's now-charred breastplate.
The momentary feeling of elation was shortlived, however, as a mean-looking goblin bellowed something incomprehensible and flung a flaming brand from the door. The torch was covered in some evil-smelling dripping substance. Almost immediately, green flames leapt from the torch, as the tar-like substance coating it splashed over the nearby tables, chairs and the dead townsman and began to spread. A half-elven woman, who had been seated by these three new allies muttered some words, and a bolt of hellish-energy hit the goblin, giving it pause, as a look of agony appeared on his face. The look quickly turned to a sickly looking smile,as the fray was joined by a further three uniformed hobgoblins. This was going to be more than a nasty looking fight. Outside, the shouts of townsfolk could be heard, and the scream of 'Ogre!' sent panic-stricken people fleeing for their lives.

(The above was the description of our groups first combat in 4th Ed. D&D, as a story type intro for others to read on our Games Club Website). It has been slightly edited from the original, rather rushed first attempt.
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Postby dazzledlostsheep » Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:21 am

Well this was done in photoshop7 a few weeks ago all hand done no brushes and such other than the reg. circle paint brush. :P

Full size - http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss33 ... round1.png
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Postby Duisternis » Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:50 pm


There's a town called "Don't You Worry"

On the banks of the river "Smile"

Where the "cheer-up" and "be-happy"

Blossom sweetly all the while.

Where the "never-grumble" flower

Blooms beside the fragrant "try"

And the "never-give-up" and "patience"

Point their faces to the sky.

In the valley of "Contentment"

In the province of "Good Will"

You will find this lovely city

At the foot of " No Fret Hill."

There are thoroughfares delightful

In this charming town

And many many shade trees

Named "vary seldom down."

Everybody here is happy

And are singing all the while

In this town of "Dont You Worry"

On the banks of the river "Smile"

This made my day. I love it. :D
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