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Someone please- TEACH ME IRISH GALIC!

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Someone please- TEACH ME IRISH GALIC!

Postby YoSafBridge » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:16 am

So I am finally breaking the shackles that have held me down in the dumps for too long...

I am taking a trip to tour my motherland (Or at least the land that my Greatgrandparents parents came from) to Ireland! By bus! I can't wait- (Go hereif you're interested in checking it out. Right now I am going by myself but who knows...maybe when I go in Septmember I'll have a new BFF to take with!)

Is there anyone here who knows, speaks or PERHAPS EVEN LIVES on Erin that might be able to help me with a few lessons before I go?
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Postby Hakkhan » Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:38 am

A very simple one I can throw your way;

Connisatatu?- How are you? - The answer could either be;

Tah mae go mah (I'm good, and you?) Or…

Tah mae go olc (I'm bad, and you?)

Or my personal favourite… Tah mae go cac (I'm shit, and you?)

Another good two are;
Cahd is anim duit? - What is your name?

And, (Name) is anim dum. (Eg; James is anim dum/ My name is James.)



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