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The Newbie Guide to RPGFO!

This guild is for all the new members to hang out and get to know the site. The mods and members are happy to help get you started in RPs and help you feel welcome on this site.

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The Newbie Guide to RPGFO!

Postby Antaric » Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:58 am

Welcome to RPGFO! Here we have taken the time to explain the basics of RPGFO to help you better settle in.
Beware it is a lot of information but things that can be very helpful to you getting accustom to how things work!
Feel free to PM Me with any questions you may have! :]</center>
    :pinkbullet: Staff:

    Here on RPGFO we have a staff of moderators, globals, and admins. Moderators are those who show up with green names and they usually have a specific section to control, like Traditional Fantasy or the Off Topic. Some Moderators have control over more than one category. Global Moderators are those with red names and have blanket control over just about every section on RPGFO. Administrators are those with orange names and are those who have control of the whole site. They have the power to update the front page, create new forums. They’re the bigwigs.
    Should a problem or question arise we ask you to contact the moderator of the section first then move up to a global if they can't help you. Please try not to contact an Admin. In most cases a Moderator or Global can answer/meet your needs. If you really need to, contact Aya. She is a semi admin and is easier to contact than an actual Admin. Below you will see a list of staff and their positions and the sections they control, so you can recognize them around the site and give them a hello and know who to contact if you need help!


    Global Mods

    belle8448 - Introduce Yourself
    cdawgg - Artists Guild
    Crosshade - Traditional Fantasy, Realistic Eras
    Darkblade - Introduce Yourself
    Kaelynisfree_ - Sci-Fi Fantasy
    Merxiel Othir - Mature Fantasy
    Mikebassist - Podcast Panthenon, Non Genre OOC
    Rock_Splitter - Modern Fantasy
    RossiUno - Writers Café
    Sammy - Newbie Support Guild
    Shewolf13 - Newbie Support Guild
    Train_of_Thought - Newbie Support Guild, Sci-Fi Fantasy
    Unknown Assassin - Off Topic, Traditional Fantasy

    :bluebullet: The Navigation Bar
    <center> Home | Forum | LotGD | RPG World | Gaming Zone | RP Chat | Podcast | Radio | Gallery | Honours | Downloads
    Log In/Out | No new PMs | View Profile | Edit Profile | Favorites | Preferences | Non RP Chat | Invite A Friend | Promote | Search Forum | FAQ

    Each name is a link to another place in the forum, in the spoiler below you can find a detailed explanation of every link.
    Home: Front page of the site where you can find latest news, reviews and gossip, recent forum topics, and the shoutbox! (where most of our members congregate to chat to one another outside of rps) Make sure you read our shoutbox rules!

    Forum: The main attraction of the site where you find all of our forums with their respective topics, I will give forum's details later. (see Role-Plays on RPGFO below)

    LotGD: The Legend of the Green Dragon game is a text-based, multi-player fantasy CRPG that runs through your web browser. Explore and fight your way through cities and forests in your hunt for the green dragon.

    RPG World: This is where you can create your very own RPG character, for use within the online gaming section of the site. RPG World is split into two sections: (1) Level 1 - ADR RPG and (2) Level 2 - Moogie's RPG.

    (1) Level 1 - ADR RPG: Choose from one of 9 classes (fighter, druid, magician, monk, thief, barbarian, bard, paladin or priest), 7 races (human, half-elf, half-orc, elf, gnome, hobbit or dwarf), 6 elemental types (water, earth, holy, fire, ice or wind) and 3 alignments (neutral, good or evil) to create your very own RPG character. Then you can buy and sell items and equipment, open up a shop, visit different areas (like the forge or courthouse) and battle monsters and other players. You can also buy your character a pet!

    (2) Level 2 - Moogie's RPG: Choose from one of 5 classes (hero, mage, swordsman, thief or warrior) to create yet another RPG character. Then equip and train him/her to fight a variety of monsters or other players, auction items for the highest price possible or battle bosses. Oh, and the more you post, the higher the level you become.

    (3) Level 3 - Flash RPGs: Pick one of several Flash RPGs to play, including Tactics Core, Crimson Warfare, Sim Girls and Gauntlet. (These require Macromedia Flash Player).

    Gaming Zone: This is a fun place to hang out, a place to play a variety of games. There are over 40 'arcade-style' games like Hangman, The Lottery, Black Jack and even a place where you can have your fortune told. You can also get a job for any RPG characters you might have (see above).

    RP Chat: The chat room is dedicated to live role-playing and no Off-Topic conversations should occur here. Instead of playing by message games, you can role-play live with people who will respond immediately. Some people prefer this method, although there can be a lot less structure to the games and often there are no rules as to who can join or why. This sort of play is the purest form of freeform role-playing. If you wish to explore this more, click the 'Role-Play Chat' link in the main heading area.

    Podcast: No longer available.

    Radio: Yet more audio-related features, but this time you can listen to our site radio, featuring many different music channels from rock/pop to classical.

    Gallery: The Gallery feature enables you to view/upload photos to share with other forum members. Photo topics include: general member photos, role-play character portraits and other miscellaneous role-play material (e.g. maps, screenshots).

    Honours: There are various honours (medals) that you can gain on the site, here you can see the list of members who have received 'honours' and for what accomplishments.

    Downloads: This is a place where you can download files that other users have uploaded (or indeed, you can upload files yourself). You can download walkthroughs and FAQs for RPG games on GameBoy Advance (GBA), Playstation One or Playstation 2, GameCube, Xbox, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable (PSP) and other consoles, as well as desktop themes, wallpapers, screensavers and movies. (Please see the [/b]Rules and Regulations[/b] posted in the forum before uploading any files - do not upload any illegal or materials to which you do not own the copyright).

    Log In/Out: Self explanatory, this is where you can click to log in and out of RPGFO.

    No new PMs: Here is where you can create and check your PMs (private messages) with other members of the site. Once you receive one, it will change from 'No new PMs' to the number of PMs you have unread. If you go into your inbox and you read one, however, the counter with reset and go back to 'No new PMs' so make sure you check carefully.

    View Profile: Shows the following information Joined, Last Visit, Total posts (your % of total and average posts per day, a link to all the posts you've made and a link to your personal gallery, Location, Website, Referred from, Interests, Honours, Birthday, Zodiac, Gender, Karma (the total topics you have created) credits, Rabbitoshi Pet, Store Items, Auctions you've won, Jobs (can be applied for in gaming zone, helps you accumulate credits), then your RPG Character.

    Edit Profile: From this page you can set up your signature and avatar and your personal preferences in reference to the site.

    Favorites: All roleplays/topics you have added to your favorites list will appear here. You can add a topic to the list by scrolling to the bottom of it, and clicking the link to 'Add to Favorites'

    Preferences: A few preferences on how topics show up to you.

    Non RP Chat: The chat room is dedicated to Off-Topic conversations, for general chatting with other forum members. If you with to explore this more, click the 'Non Role-Play Chat' link in the main heading area.

    Invite A Friend: Invite a friend to join RPGFO :]

    Promote: Banners and brochures that you can use to bring more people to RPGFO!

    Search Forum: Here you can search for certain posts or topics that have been made in the forum.

    FAQ: Our Frequently Asked Questions![/spoiler]

    :greenbullet: What do you mean 'Role-Paying'?
    The majority of role-playing games here are called 'free form text based games'. A free form game means that there are no strict rules with no Dungeon Master determining the outcomes of the game. Also, there are no dice or statistic sheets. Free form role-playing is more like a group of people writing a book or novel, where players (you) create fictional characters and assume their personalities, actions, roles and responsibilities.

    However, the site does take feature Dungeon Master driven games and graphical RPGs which are popular with certain people. The choice is really yours.

    :purplebullet: Role-Plays on RPGFO
    You can access role-plays through the 'Forums' link on the navigation bar and then scrolling down to the "Role-Play Central" section.

    Before you look at some actual role-plays, it is a good idea to get to grips with the rules and regulations of RP posting within this site. Go to Role-Play Rules for In-Character Posts and Role-Play Rules for In-Character Posts and please read these before proceeding. This section is the Out-of-Character Discussion section anything not �role-playing� but associated to a role-play will be posted here. i.e. openings in a thread, general information of a thread, people looking for 1v1's *Side note, if you still aren't too clear on it, just PM either the moderator of the section, or the person in charge of the rp.

    Now let's look at some actual role-plays. Go to forum then, click on a heading i.e "In-Character RPs (Traditional Fantasy)". If you click on this link it will bring up the current threads of running role-plays and one-on-ones. It's a long list. If you find one that you like and wish to join it, make sure you have read the recent (if not all) entries for that RP and then send a PM to the RP thread creator asking if it is OK to join, or find the corresponding OoC thread first the Out-of-Character Discussions (All Themes) category (some creators actually have the link in their first post) and read first if there are openings, then go ahead and ask if you may join. Many consider this common courtesy and it is greatly appreciated. *Absolutely do not ask in parenthesis in an IC thread if you can join.

    If you do not see one you like, or have your own ideas for a group rp or an one-on-one consider starting one yourself. (make sure you post it in the right place to help us out!)

    There is also a Mentoring Program, which might be a good place to start if you are new to role-playing. This is a place where you can learn to write well-formed role-plays and be taught skills such as creating good RP themes, how to be descriptive in your posts and creating interesting character profiles.

    :redbullet: Credits and Karma
    Credits are given for posting in the forums (but obviously spamming posts just to get credits is not tolerated), killing monsters within the RPG World games, playing Arcade games found within the Gaming Zone and by trying your luck on the lottery or Black Jack games. The credits themselves are mainly used within the RPG World games, where you can buy and sell items, equipment and weapons.

    Karma is an extension of credits. For every new topic you create in the forum, you get one Karma point. (Karma is for new topics only, not replies). Unlike credits however, Karma can not be 'used' anywhere in the forum. You can not buy things with them, for example. They have been implemented more for prestige.

    :yellowbullet: Honours
    Honours are medals given to members who achieve certain tasks or contribute greatly to the site in one fashion or another (e.g. graduating from a class in our RP Academy or by donating our PayPal fund).

    :bluebullet: Jobs
    You may have seen the term 'jobs' in various places around the site. Registered users of this site can have up to two jobs. Jobs have no real function within the site, except just for a bit of fun. However, you do get a salary for your job so it is one way to get a few extra credits. To get a job, click the Gaming Zone link and then Jobs. It should be pretty easy to work out from here what you need to do to get a new job or resign from an existing job.

    <center>:greenbullet: Important & Frequented Links :greenbullet:

    Rules and Regulations
    About Mature Roleplays
    Contest Central
    General OoC & 1 on 1 OoC
    White Lily Inn - A roleplay while you wait, post a CS in the OoC first, and read all rules.
    Requests Section - Get avatars and signatures made by our talented members, be sure to read each shop's rules before posting!!</center>

Written up by belle8448
Edited by Gideon 9/2/13
Many thanks to Merxiel for the set.
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